Subject RE: publisher interface study
From Mikael Linden <Mikael.Linden@xxxxxx>
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2009 10:47:29 +0300


The draft JISC publisher interface study is a good paper and raises

an issue that has been uncovered for (maybe too) long time.


As most of us, I’m wearing several hats and wondering which one to use…

Branding is an identified issue also in the GN3/eduGAIN policy work that I’m leading.

What will be the relationship of eduGAIN confederation and the eduID brand?


Bob> What advice is given to publishers to deal with their non-academic customers?


For sure, with eduID, this question remains open.

But IMHO it’s not a reason to leave the issues unsolved for academic users.


Bob>it seems to me the practical questions about how such a brand would

Bob>be used and administered are exactly the ones that make this proposal problematic.


Nicole> The 'we' is definitely REFEDS. 


If it’s OK to our non-European fellows that REFEDs (as an activity of

TERENA) manages the brand (i.e. decides how it can be used)?

I quess TERENA has done this already for eduroam.


Is TERENA secretariat willing to take the responsibility of

- registering the trademark (worldwide? Yes, it costs)

- watching that nobody isn’t misusing the trademark?


Nicole> I don't necessarily think that common brand, or at the very least

Nicole>'recognisable name' as I'm not sure we are sophisticated enough

Nicole>to be a brand (!) without common infrastructure is a problem. 


I agree with Nicole. In the ideal world, we would have both a common

brand and a common infrastructure, but that won’t happen in the near

future. Meanwhile, we could try to have at least a common brand before

it’s too late. The functionality after clicking the “eduID button” could

be (depending on the SP):

- either make it in two-steps (I know the JISC study doesn’t encourage this)

   1. Click eduID button

   2. Select your federation/confederation

   3. go to the federation WAYF

- or, there is an embedded WAYF in the SP, listing only available IdPs

from any (con)federations the SP is a member of.