Subject publisher interface study
From Nicole Harris <n.harris@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2009 18:19:29 +0100

Dear All

We are nearing the end the of the consultation period for the publisher interface study and as yet have had no dissenting voices. This means that we are preparing to move to the next stage - which will be to run an open design competition for a logo to represent federated access. The competition will be be clear that we as group reserve the right not to implement the design / brand of the winning entry, so we are not committing anyone to anything at this stage. Overall, it currently seems that eduID is the preferred name - possibly with the domain we will leave the competition open to other suggestions. I'd like to ask if anyone would like us NOT to continue at this stage to let me know as soon as possible. We'd really like to get this work done in this academic year if possible as I think things will be much tighter budget wise after that.

If everyone is happy, we will circulate some information this week and we'd be very grateful if you could disseminate as widely as possible in your respective countries. One of the things we are doing in the UK is to circulate the information to all our art colleges and art departments within universities as it would be nice if the idea came from the community!

I hope that is OK with everyone but do not wish to plow ahead without consensus so if there are any questions, problems or concerns then please do let me know :-)

Best wishes