Subject Re: Comparison of eP(S)A values
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Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 18:59:25 -0700

Andrew, An excellent analysis as always.

A comment WRT "employee". The notion here is that a person who has an employment contract also has some legal binding to the organization. That is more the significance of that term rather than a grouping of other types of affiliation.

An employee may be working at the direction of others, may commit resources on behalf of the organization, may represent the organization on a policy level, etc. In other words, the actions of that person may have legal or financial consequences for the organization (and likely for the individual if the organization is displeased).

So for example, a person might be "faculty" on sabbatical from another university but not an "employee" if she has no employment contract with the university from which the IdPs assertion is being sent.


At 5:52 PM +0100 on 9/17/09, Andrew Cormack wrote:

(Diego: please could you copy this across to MACE-dir, and fetch any
replies back?)

Attached is a complete draft summarising our discoveries from a
comparison of how different federations use the values of
eduPerson(Scoped)Affiliation. Your comments, corrections and suggestions
would be particularly welcome. In particular, are the definitions I have
suggested clear, unamibiguous and appropriate?

Thanks to everyone who has contributed and will do so in future; any
errors are mine.


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