Subject Re: ePTID comparison
From Alex Reid <alex.reid@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2009 20:14:03 +0800

At 11:39 PM 3/09/2009, Keith Hazelton wrote:

Question to all:  Do any of your institutions give alums access to
the same set of core services that are standard for faculty, staff &
students (access to licensed resources in particular)?

Quite a few universities do this, I think, but maybe not *entirely* consciously.

For instance, I am an alum of both Oxford University and U of Western Australia. I have accounts at both universities (not just because I was formerly CIO at each!), which in both cases allow me to VPN in from afar. All the (library and other) services which are controlled by IP address are available to me. My accounts also allow me access (by username/password) to other special collections.

These are not entirely accidental. Some universities I've discussed this sort of thing with (UK and Australia, but I can't remember specific names now) are doing all they can to make it attractive to alum to maintain connections, and in some cases have cleared with Providers access by alums.

As more universities join Federations and have access by their "members" to resources governed by Federation rules (attributes and the like), I expect we'll see more of this brought into the light, and we shouldn't assume that there will not be a shift in ground (by universities or Providers).

Cheers, Alex.

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