Subject Toolkit for promoting/explaining your federation (Was: Shibboleth and HighWire Press)
From Brook Schofield <schofield@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 07 Sep 2009 09:56:30 +0200

Licia Florio wrote:
On 4 Sep 2009, at 10:06, Olivier Salaün wrote:
I suppose that what would help would be a unique web site that
explains these basics (+ others), define the terminology, provide the
list of federation web sites and why not a comparative table that
would summarize important informations from the refeds wiki : name of
the federation, technology, email contact, registration process,
registration price, etc.

It could be well located on the web site...
Sound like a community portal project... Licia, Brook, do you think
TERENA could provide the resources for this?

Yes I think we TERENA could do this. We can discuss about this more in
the next days.

We've even started discussing this. TERENA PR and the TF-PR group are discussing this topic at the TF-PR meeting today in Vienna. I'll be joining for some of the meeting.

This started because a question was raised on how to promote a local federation to schools and the design decisions on how/why a federation is built the way that it is.

All of this collective knowledge is available within the community - but in disparate locations - so we'll be working on a cross technical and PR related project as a pointer to all the good resources that exist relating to federation building and promotions (and that includes service provider and identity provider adoption plans).

Some federations are obviously advanced - and others just getting underway.

Watch this space for more information!

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