Subject Re: Shibboleth and HighWire Press
From Olivier Salaün <olivier.salaun@xxxxxx>
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2009 10:06:00 +0200

Diego R. Lopez a écrit :

On 3 Sep 2009, at 11:35, Olivier Salaün wrote:
We are currently in contact with Royal Society <> that wishes to join our federation. Their resources are accessible through the HighWire Press platform <> that seems to host many scientific publishers. It seems that HighWire Press infrastructure is already Shibboleth-enabled but it seems that they wait until they get more demand before opening the Shibboleth access.

I was told that HighWire provides a Shibbolized access to the UK federation ; is this true? (I could not find the Shibboleth login on the HighWire web server)
If so, did they register as HighWire or did each publisher providing the content had to register?
If HighWire registered to the UK federation, how hard was that to make them open the Shibbolized access?
Any other countries in contact with "Royal Society" or "HighWire"?

We have been in contact with them and have got the same reply: they are currently accepting Shibboleth access for the
UKAMF. I think that multiple requirements from different NRENs would certainly help, so we are open and willing to participate
into any initiative you think the REFEDS community could start.
In the end they understood what they had to perform to open a federated access, but the major difficulty was actually to explain them a couple of things :
  1. UK Access Federation is just one national federation ; there are similar infrastructures in other countries. Royal Society needs to register as partner at each of these federations. They either thought that this was a technology used by single country or that it was a worldwide infrastructure ;
  2. Actually I did not tell them that other technologies were used aside Shibboleth ; it would have made things even more complicated ;
  3. They were afraid that Shibboleth would not be compatible with their HighWire platform ;
  4. I did not start talking user attributes with them yet. It might be a tough job ;
  5. At the end they asked me what was the process to enable Shibboleth for the US. I told them about InCommon.
I suppose that what would help would be a unique web site that explains these basics (+ others), define the terminology, provide the list of federation web sites and why not a comparative table that would summarize important informations from the refeds wiki : name of the federation, technology, email contact, registration process, registration price, etc.

It could be well located on the web site...