Subject Shibboleth and HighWire Press
From Olivier Salaün <olivier.salaun@xxxxxx>
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 11:35:49 +0200


We are currently in contact with Royal Society <> that wishes to join our federation. Their resources are accessible through the HighWire Press platform <> that seems to host many scientific publishers. It seems that HighWire Press infrastructure is already Shibboleth-enabled but it seems that they wait until they get more demand before opening the Shibboleth access.

I was told that HighWire provides a Shibbolized access to the UK federation ; is this true? (I could not find the Shibboleth login on the HighWire web server) If so, did they register as HighWire or did each publisher providing the content had to register? If HighWire registered to the UK federation, how hard was that to make them open the Shibbolized access?
Any other countries in contact with "Royal Society" or "HighWire"?

Thanks for any feedback.