Subject Re: ePTID comparison
From Thomas Lenggenhager <lenggenhager@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 15:48:03 +0200

Sorry for my late answer due to vacation. Comment see below.

Andrew Cormack wrote:
> Please could RENATER and SWITCH confirm that I have understood their
> definitions correctly? In particular for SWITCH I'm not clear whether or
> not someone who is "alum" is also "member"; for RENATER (who otherwise
> have the clearest definition - thanks), please could you confim whether
> "retired" and "emeritus" get "member" as well?

Since our definition is rather old we were also rather vague. We just
copied the text of the eduPerson spec with the only addition that we
recommended not to use the value employee, since we didn't see any value
of that distinction in regards to the real use in Swiss universities.

It is mainly the institution which decides how they map their
individuals onto the set of fixed values as described. For very fine
grained authorization these values are anyhow of limited use across
institutional borders. You trust the IdP's statement and you anyhow do
not know exactly how the other institution is organized internally.

For the specific question regarding 'alumn' and 'member' it is really up
to the institution how closely integrated they would like to see the
alum in regards to their institution.
In fact, I think no institution currently provides AAI enabled alum
accounts yet.

All that said, more precise specs could surely help in aligning the
values. However, fine grained authorization will still not be available
for free.


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