Subject RE: Re: eP(S)A comparison
From Alex Reid <alex.reid@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2009 22:14:17 +0800

At 08:48 PM 28/08/2009, Andrew Cormack wrote:
I'll reference as many federations' documents as I can, so please keep adding
to my list.

I'll also try to document the usage of each term (and the variants where
they exist), based on the discussion here and the existing documents,
and if we can agree that those are clear then I'd be happy for anyone
else to use them.

I think in Australia we've more or less come to similar conclusions as those expressed by David Wasley:

(1) there are significant differences even between institutions within Australia in how some terms are used (not to mention that some (many???) universities are still unsure internally of their definitions!); so finding international agreement is in the "too hard" basket at present.

[note: there does tend to be agreement throughout Australia on some broad definitions, especially those on which universities are required to provide statistical reports to the government; but the real headache starts when you try to classify what I call "hangers-on" - a wide range of folk who have some part-time or casual or honorary role within the university, such as many medical staff who have "adjunct" university appointments]

(2) [and this is the saving grace] most SPs actually don't need or want the degree of refinement we could be trying to achieve (for eP(S)A); or they don't want to distinguish staff from faculty; where significant discrimination is required, this tends to be on other criteria, for which eduPersonEntitlement would be used.

I don't think our Schema document is available publicly, but it contains the specifications/paragraphs reproduced below.

Cheers, Alex.

4.1 - auEduPersonAffiliation

Specifies a person's relationship to the institution in broad categories but with a finer-grained set of permissible values than eduPersonAffiliation.

This attribute will have a controlled vocabulary. The following values are indicative of possible use cases:
·         undergraduate-student
·         honours-student
·         postgraduate-coursework-student
·         postgraduate-research-student
·         nonaward-student
·         prospective-student
·         visiting-student
·         visiting-staff
·         honorary-staff
·         contractor

and -----------------

5.2 - Controlled vocabulary for auEduPersonAffiliation

Some suggestions have been made regarding additions to the controlled vocabulary of the attribute auEduPersonAffiliation. CAUDIT will examine relevant use cases and consult the community regarding appropriate values during future reviews of this document.

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