Subject Re: ePTID comparison
From Olivier Salaün <olivier.salaun@xxxxxx>
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2009 16:13:04 +0200

Below is some (late) feedback for the French HiEd schema (SupAnn):

Andrew Cormack a écrit :

In fact there are only four federations for which I could work out the
complete hierarchy, and those have four different variations!

Please could RENATER and SWITCH confirm that I have understood their
definitions correctly? In particular for SWITCH I'm not clear whether or
not someone who is "alum" is also "member"; for RENATER (who otherwise
have the clearest definition - thanks), please could you confim whether
"retired" and "emeritus" get "member" as well?
We have being working hard in the current version of our SupAnn directory schema <> (sorry for not providing the English versin of it) to provide a better definition of eduPersonAffiliation values, how different values articulate and even define new values. The attached PDF shows a table that provides an overview of values implications.

We have make the "staff" value obsolete because the first version of our schema had misinterpreted its definition in eduPerson.

We have interpreted "employee" as being non teaching/researcher staff.

New attribute values : library-walk-in, researcher, retired, emeritus.

We've don a mix of extensional and intensional definitions, as presented by Peter. For each attribute value, we have defined whether it implies "member" or not. "Member" is defined as someone who is registered in either the HR or student databases. However recent discussions among the SupAnn working group have revealed the limitations of the extensional definition of "member": it is not appropriate for so-called "invited teachers" who are payed by another university but have teaching duties within the university. therefore they need to have the "faculty" value set but should not be considered as "member". Next version of SupAnn will no more try to define such implication rules, to remain flexible enough.


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