Subject RE: ePTID comparison (eduPersonAffiliation)
From "Andrew Cormack" <Andrew.Cormack@xxxxxx>
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 13:48:41 +0100

Thanks for that. But you're not quite agreeing with HAKA, because they
allow for both Faculty and Staff to *not* be Employee. In other words
they don't treat them as subsets.

The conclusion I am going to document is that Member, Student, Faculty,
Affiliate, Alum and Walk-in-user are more or less safe (modulo different
countries' legal definitions), but that Employee and Staff aren't. It
only seems to be us that are out of step on Staff but SWITCH and RENATER
are also anomalous on Employee in that they don't use it at all. I'll
reference as many federations' documents as I can, so please keep adding
to my list.

I'll also try to document the usage of each term (and the variants where
they exist), based on the discussion here and the existing documents,
and if we can agree that those are clear then I'd be happy for anyone
else to use them. 


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> Andrew Cormack wrote:
> > At the meeting in Malaga Mikael pointed out that the use of the
> > values "staff" and "employee" was significantly different, to the
> extent
> > that they are at different locations in the hierarchy of values,
> between
> > the HAKA and UK federations. In the UK "employee" is a sub-class of
> > "staff" whereas in HAKA "staff" is a subset of "employee"! This has
> > probably arisen because the eduPerson spec doesn't state the
> > relationship between these values. I offered to look at other
> > federations' definitions to see which values were used in a
> consistent
> > way, and which weren't.
> with hierarchy illustrated
> We agree with HAKA in having staff as a subset of employee ;-)
> All employees are created equal, but some are also equal to staff or
> faculty.
> BTW, we are adding eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation as a mandatory
> to alleviate some of the pain involved with these issues.
> Ingrid