Subject Re: ePTID comparison (eduPersonAffiliation)
From Ingrid Melve <ingrid.melve@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 13:41:19 +0200

Andrew Cormack wrote:
At the meeting in Malaga Mikael pointed out that the use of the ePTID
values "staff" and "employee" was significantly different, to the extent
that they are at different locations in the hierarchy of values, between
the HAKA and UK federations. In the UK "employee" is a sub-class of
"staff" whereas in HAKA "staff" is a subset of "employee"! This has
probably arisen because the eduPerson spec doesn't state the
relationship between these values. I offered to look at other
federations' definitions to see which values were used in a consistent
way, and which weren't.
with hierarchy illustrated

We agree with HAKA in having staff as a subset of employee ;-)
All employees are created equal, but some are also equal to staff or faculty.

BTW, we are adding eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation as a mandatory attribute to alleviate some of the pain involved with these issues.