Subject JISC Publisher Interface Study
From "Mark Williams \(JISC\)" <m.williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 10:32:48 +0100

Hi all,
we are at the point now of wanting feedback from the wider world so please feel free to send out the below, particulary to Service providers / Publishers who are likely to be unique to your federation  / community.

JISC Publisher Interface Study

In March 2009, JISC and JISC Collections commissioned a study to look at the issues surrounding the user experience when using federated access management.  The federated access approach has been successfully adopted in many different countries throughout the world, but this success has brought with it usability issues known as 'the discovery problem'.  Any user approaching a Service Provider without following a directed link needs to be able to tell the Service Provider both which access management federation / country they are from, and which organisation they are affiliated too.  Despite some excellent Service Provider developments to help address this issue,  the overall approach has lead to many different variations in approach and a confusing experience for users.

The final report from Cardiff University has now been delivered to JISC and reviewed by the  REFEDs committee and is set out on this wiki <>  for community consultation.  In response to the recommendations from the report, JISC intends to:

1.	Carry out a full public consultation on the findings of the report; 
2.	Instigate an international competition for the design of a federated log-in brand; 
3.	Develop full brand guidelines for Service Providers; 
4.	Develop an easy-install tool and guide for embedded WAYFs (Where are You From Services). 

Your opinion is very much valued and as such we invite you to read through the report and please feel free to submit your ideas by using the comment function on the site or by the feedback form provided.

The wiki, feedback form and full report can be found at: <> 

or <> 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.






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