Subject eduPerson (was: ePTID comparison)
From Peter Schober <peter.schober@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2009 17:45:27 +0200

Substituting eduPersonAffiliaton for eduPersonTargetedId:

* Andrew Cormack <Andrew.Cormack@xxxxxx> [2009-08-27 16:02]:
> At the meeting in Malaga Mikael pointed out that the use of the ePTID
> values "staff" and "employee" was significantly different, to the extent
> that they are at different locations in the hierarchy of values, between
> the HAKA and UK federations. In the UK "employee" is a sub-class of
> "staff" whereas in HAKA "staff" is a subset of "employee"! This has
> probably arisen because the eduPerson spec doesn't state the
> relationship between these values. I offered to look at other
> federations' definitions to see which values were used in a consistent
> way, and which weren't.

Here's something similar I did two years ago (things might have
changed in the meantime), back then focussing on usage of 'member':