Subject ePTID comparison
From "Andrew Cormack" <Andrew.Cormack@xxxxxx>
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2009 15:01:01 +0100

At the meeting in Malaga Mikael pointed out that the use of the ePTID
values "staff" and "employee" was significantly different, to the extent
that they are at different locations in the hierarchy of values, between
the HAKA and UK federations. In the UK "employee" is a sub-class of
"staff" whereas in HAKA "staff" is a subset of "employee"! This has
probably arisen because the eduPerson spec doesn't state the
relationship between these values. I offered to look at other
federations' definitions to see which values were used in a consistent
way, and which weren't.

The preliminary results, for the federations whose schemata are
available from the refeds wiki, are attached. I hope the diagrams are
obvious - values on the right-hand side are subsets of those to the left
of them.

In fact there are only four federations for which I could work out the
complete hierarchy, and those have four different variations!

Please could RENATER and SWITCH confirm that I have understood their
definitions correctly? In particular for SWITCH I'm not clear whether or
not someone who is "alum" is also "member"; for RENATER (who otherwise
have the clearest definition - thanks), please could you confim whether
"retired" and "emeritus" get "member" as well?

Of the other federations, the links from AAF and don't seem to
be accessible to non-members; SIR, AAI@EduHr and SURFnet don't make it
clear what their hierarchy of values is; and FEIDE, Swamid, and InCommon
refer to the original eduPerson specification, which is silent on the
question of hierarchy. If any of those would like to let me know what
their hierarchies look like then I'd be delighted to add them.

The good news is that "affiliate", "alum", "student", "faculty" and
"walk-in-user" seem to be used consistently; the bad news is that
"staff", "employee", and possibly "member" don't.

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