Subject Re: JISC Publisher Interface Study
From Milan Sova <sova@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2009 13:26:18 +0200

On 10.08.2009 14:46, Thomas Lenggenhager wrote:
> This great report recommends to create a brand.
> I am very much in favor of this, it is still early enough to introduce a
> common brand!
> In addition, the report already includes some thoughts about a possible
> name. The one I prefer most is eduID.
> On the one hand eduID is similar to OpenID, on the other hand it does
> not include the English term 'login'.
> I guess that in an international multi-language environment eduID is
> better accepted than eduLogin or eduAccess, since eduID is less focused
> on English language.
> So my suggestion. If you did not already, check whether the eduID domain
> name is still available in your country, do it now and reserve it.
> I initiated it for .ch as soon as I heard from Milan that the Czech
> federation is named eduID...

	Actually, the official name of the Czech federation is  Guess
why we added the TLD ;)

						Milan Sova

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