Subject JISC Publisher Interface Study
From "Mark Williams \(JISC\)" <m.williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 7 Aug 2009 15:41:29 +0100

Dear all,


The Service Provider Interface study has finished and I wanted to distribute the draft report for comment as quickly as possible (attached pdf), consequently, it is still rough in places and there are a few elements missing.


It is worth noting that the audience is actually the JISC and national Federations and their constituent stakeholders - which doesn't come across in this draft but will be addressed in the final version.  It also avoids using real world examples and names but if you are interested in a selection, email me and I'll send through a quick survey highlighting some real world examples of the issues cited in the report.


More attention could have been given to how to deal with some of the problems such as lack of consistency and how to generate that change so obviously contribution is welcome in that area.


We have ambitious timescale in that we want to:


Gather feedback from this group, 

Revise the report based on that and collect opinion and comments from publishers,

Invite comment from the general community


And then in parallel develop a draft style guide (assuming agreement on the report recommendations) and run a contest to develop a federated sign in logo / name / term.


Obviously we can't really move on those milestones until we have cohesive agreement from relevant partners so quick replies are very welcome!


Finally feel free to make any range of comments, questions or advice so we can knock the report into the shape that Publishers and the wider community will (hopefully) embrace and see as necessary guidence without seeming overly prescriptive. Obviously at the moment it's only for circulation within this group.


Many thanks




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