Subject Please update your federation details in the Refeds wiki
From Mikael Linden <Mikael.Linden@xxxxxx>
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 14:30:36 +0300


TF-EMC2 Loughborough meeting is approaching. Please update your
federation details in the Refeds wiki before Monday, 27th April.

The Refeds wiki has been moved to
It is publicly readable, but updating your federation details requires
federated authentication and a given eduPersonEntitlement attribute.
The details are in the wiki homepage
Currently, the wiki access control recognises 7 IdPs/federations
with whom a bilateral trust relationship has been established.

Once authenticated, the easiest way for you to edit you federation's
details is
1) go to
2) click the cell (text "see") you want to edit
3) click edit
4) please remember to add the edit timestamp
symbol "--~~~~" in the end of each cell you edit

If you think your federation is missing, please contact me and
I'll create a template for you in the wiki.

I really encourage you to make sure your federation details are up to date.
The wiki is a showcase for academic federations and it has been recognised
outside higher education, as well.


Dr. Mikael Linden
Application Specialist
CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
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