TERENA Networking Conference 2000    


    This page contains the on-line proceedings of the TERENA Networking Conference 2000. Please contact TERENA if you have any suggestions for additions or corrections. Later in the year a selection of the best conference papers will be published by Elsevier Science in a special issue of the journal Computer Networks.

Conference papers are available from this page in a number of different fomats. All files are HTML unless otherwise indicated. All presentation slides are in Microsoft PowerPoint '97 format unless otherwise stated. The approximate size of the PowerPoint files are indicated beside each presentation.

The slides and papers on this page are for reference purposes only. If you wish to use any of the information or illustrations contained in the papers or slides, you must seek the permission of the relevant author or organization. The copyright of all papers included in the special edition of the journal "Computer Networks" will be transferred to Elsevier Science upon publication of the journal.

    Opening Plenary Session    
    Session 1A   Session 1B    
    Developments in Network Monitoring and Management Tools   Taking the Classroom to the Student: Teaching and Learning Through Internet Technologies    
    Session 2A   Session 2B    
    Security of Internet Applications   E-Publishing    
    Session 3A   Session 3B    
    Practical Security   The Campus Network - the next bottleneck    
    Session 4A   Session 4B    
    Internet2 and Europe   Practical Experiences with QoS Technology    
    Session 5A   Session 5B    
    User Communities   Managing QoS    
    Session 6A   Session 6B    
    Coming To A Monitor Near You Soon.....   Network Policy and Regulation    
    Session 7A   Session 7B    
    Video over IP   Charging Models for National Research Networks    
    Session 8A   Session 8B    
    Internet Standardisation Update   TERENA Technical Programme    
    Session 9A   Session 9B    
    Tomorrow's Internet   Middleware - what it is and where it's at    
    Session 10A   Session 10B    
    High-Speed Networking   Recent Results    
    Closing Plenary Session