NATO Advanced Networking Workshop

Networks for the New Millenium

25-29 June 2000, Tartu, Estonia


Networking in Central and Eastern European countries is developing at a very rapid rate, and the requirement for suitably qualified expert personnel is fundamental to the provision of a reliable, secure and ubiquitous information system for the whole region. Many countries already have a basic infrastructure, but this is already proving inadequate as user demand grows. Applications are increasingly demanding and higher-bandwidth technologies are necessary to provide acceptable levels of service. Network operators therefore, not only have to learn about existing techniques; they also need to learn about the new technologies that will be used in the next generation of networks.

As with any high-technology area, the amount that can be learnt from publications is limited. There is a clear need for practical workshops, involving interaction with world experts and hands-on experience with equipment that is normally inaccessible in the region.

Workshop Scope

Like the last advanced networking workshop held in Kaunas, Lithuania during May 1998, the year 2000 workshop was very successful. The location for the workshop was Tartu, Estonia, which hosts the operational centre of EENet, the Estonian national research network. The location is ideal for many of the workshop participants travelling from the states of the former Soviet Union.

The workshop was aimed at those who are currently running national network services but who will, in the near future, be introducing new technologies to provide new applications, higher bandwidth and a more reliable service. The workshop was practical and technology-orientated but also provided some experience of network management and an exploration of the application-level issues. In addition, latest developments in neworking areas like mobile wireless and optical swithing were covered.

Lectures and hands-on sessions were held by experts who are internationally respected in their field. Upon returning to their countries, it is hoped that the participants have gained the knowledge to build state-of-the-art networks, and importantly, they are able to transfer their expertise to other network engineers.

More Information

The deadline for application was Monday 8 May 2000. 32 participants were selected out of more than 90 applications received by the workshop organisers.

The participation in this workshop was restricted to applicants from NATO "Partner" countries and the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

TERENA is grateful to the following organisations who have donated much time, effort and equipment, and without whom, the workshop could not take place:

For further information about the workshop please contact:

Valentino Cavalli
Project Development Officer
TERENA Secretariat

Tel: +31 20 530 4488
Fax: +31 20 530 4499

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