8th Joint European Networking Conference

PROCEEDINGS (in .ps format only)


Session I-2: Co-operation through the Web
Chair: Manfred Bogen, GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany

121-Building a Web Caching System - Architectural Considerations / Ingrid Melve, UNINETT, Norway
122-Collaborative Browsing in the World Wide Web / Gabriel Sidler, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
123-Visualising and Populating the Web: Collaborative Virtual Environments for Browsing, Searching and Inhabiting Webspace / Steve Benford, The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Session I-3: Delivering Broadband to the Customer
Chair: Ole Jacobsen, Interop, USA

132-Issues in Residential Broadband Internet Service Provision / Saleem Bhatti, University College London, United Kingdom
133-BT CityMedia Network - Video Multicast and ATM / David Ginsburg, Cisco Systems, and Jeremy Barnes, Concert, United Kingdom


Session II-1: Commerce on the Internet
Chair: Thierry Gourdon, CYBERserve, France

211-The Internet and EDI - EDI as the backbone of Electronic Commerce? / Dick Raman, EDI-TIE B.V., The Netherlands
212-Using the Internet for Business / James W. West, IBM United Kingdom Laboratories, United Kingdom

Session II-2: User Support and Training - Issues and Initiatives
Chair: Gerti Foest, DFN-Verein, Germany

221-On-line Training Materials Using State Information Derived from Cookies, HTTP1.0 and its Descendents / Tony McDonald, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
222-Environment To Inspire Network Users (ETINU) - A United Approach to Better User Support / Christine Cahoon, The Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland
223-Gossamer Strands to Institutional Infrastructure - Experiences Establishing a University Web Site / Majella McCarron, The Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Session II-3: Recent Results
Chair: Lajos Balint, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

* Access to On-Line Services for Customers Only
Ton Verschuren, SURFnet, The Netherlands

* Cooperative Web Caching using Multicasting over a Metropolitan Area Network in Greater Manchester
J Z Neisser, University of Manchester, UK

* Learners Making Learning Tools on the Internet
Bob Steen, Advanced Network & Services, USA

* UMI: Multimedia Teaching and Research Projects Exploiting the Scottish MANs
Jean Ritchie, Napier University, United Kingdom

* Recommendations for European Top Level Domain Name Registries
Marcel Schneider, SWITCH, Switzerland


Session III-1: Secure Network Applications
Chair: Ruediger Grimm, GMD Darmstadt, Germany

312-Handling Confidential Internet Conferences by Email / Knut Bahr, ElfriedeHinsch, Anne Jaegemann, and Lan Wang, GMD - Darmstadt, Germany
313-Status of Industry Work on Signed Mobile Code / Matthew Faupel, APM Ltd., United Kingdom

Session III-2: Searching in The Web
Chair: Stefan Kelm, DFN-PCA, Germany

321-Adding Softlinks to the Web / Markus Andrezak, KIT Project Group - TechnicalUniversity of Berlin, Germany
322-A Distributed Weighted Centroid-based Indexing System / Miguel Rio, Universidade do Minho, Portugal
323-From Reference to Article - The Evolution of a National Networked Bibliographic Data Service / Terry Morrow, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Session III-3: Implementing a High-Speed European Research Backbone
Chair: Thomas Brunner, SWITCH, Switzerland

331-The Implementation of TEN-34 / Michael H. Behringer, DANTE, United Kingdom
332-Experiments for Advanced Backbone Services / Editor: Michael H. Behringer, DANTE, United Kingdom.


Session IV-1: Liberalization and Privatization - Delivering leading edge services in the brave new comercial Internet world
Chair: Peter Wintlev-Jensen, European Commission

411-STAM - The Privatized NSFNET as a two-year old, and what US higher education is doing about it / Michael Staman, CICnet Inc., USA
412-Towards a European Intranet for Research and Education / Hans-Peter Axmann, Federal Ministry of Science, Transports and Arts, Austria

Session IV-2: Education and the Net - A New Environment
Chair: Dave Hartland, University of Newcastle, United Kingdom

421-Use of Instructional Material in Universal Teleteaching Environments / Robert Grebner, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
422-Evaluation of a Network Based Learning Environment for Dermatology / Andreas Bittorf and Thomas L. Diepgen, University of Erlangen, Germany
423-The Internet - Networking and the Humanities / Barton Thurber and Jack Pope, University of San Diego, USA

Session IV-3: Digital Signature Applications
Chair: Wolfgang Schneider, GMD Darmstadt, Germany

431-A BAKO Extension Proposal / Stephan Kolletzki, Petra Glöckner, and Michael Wichert, GMD-Darmstadt, Germany
432-Providing Security to the Building Licenses Delivering Process in the City of Torino / Antonio Lioy, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
433-Digital Signature Initiative Proposal / Peter Lipp, IAIK - Universityof Technology Graz, Austria


Session V-2: Network Developments in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Chair: Dave Probert, Digital Equipment Corporation, United Kingdom

* Overview of Regional Networking within CEE and CIS

521-NATO's Contribution to Computer Networking in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Former Soviet Union / J. P. Nadreau, NATO, Canada

* Developments in Russian Federation

522-Current Tendencies in Russian Academic and Research Network Development at the National and Regional Levels / A.S. Mendkovich, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
523-Siberia : Putting the Virgin Lands to the Internet Plough / S. Belov, S.V. Bredikhin, and S.P. Kovalyov, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
524-Networks Development in the Ural Region / Konstantin Lovtsky, Sergei Sleptsov, and Vladimir Tretyakov, Ural State University, Russia
525-Minsk Internet Project : Results and Perspectives / Nikolay Listopad, Sergei Kritsky, Igor Tavgen, Slava Shkarupin, Ilya Mafter, and Sergey Ivanov, Computer and Analytical Center of Ministry of Education and Science, Belarus

* Developments & Applications in St Petersburg & North-West Russia - RUSnet

526-Synergy in Cyberspace and a New Networking Landscape (St Petersburg) / Vladimir Zaborovski, STUSP, Russia
527-RUSLANet - Internet-Aware Library System in Russia (St Petersburg) / Alexander Plemnek and Natalie Sokolova, St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia


Session VII-1: Secure Commercial Applications
Chair: Harald T. Alvestrand, UNINETT A/S, Norway

711-Applying Military Grade Security to the Internet / J.F. Griffin, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, United Kingdom
712-Architecture and Design of a Secure Electronic Marketplace / Matthias Schunter, University of Hildesheim, Germany and Michael Waidner, IBM Zurich Research Lab, Switzerland
713-Secure Transactions / Douglas Steves, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Session VII-2: About Plain Old Email
Chair: Urs Eppenberger, SWITCH, Switzerland

721-The Email Infrastructure in Europe Today / Claudio Allocchio, Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy
722-IMAP Servers: What Differentiates Standards-Based Messaging Systems? / Lee Levitt,, USA
723-W3Gate - The Service / Guido Hansen, GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany

Session VII-3: Recent Results
Chair: Peter Wintlev-Jensen, European Commission

* Transport of NetNews via IP-Multicast
Heiko Rupp, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

* A WWW Based Data Monitoring Network Using Java
Ruey-Shun, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

* A Proposal for Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement
Stephen Stibler, IBM - Watson Research Center, USA

* Computer Emergency Response
Dennis Jackson, UKERNA, United Kingdom

* A Routing Model for ATM Networks Based on Fuzzy Set Theory
Barnabas Gogos and Lajos Vonderviszt, University of Veszprem, Hungary


Session VIII-1: The Role of Cryptography in a Networked World
Chair: Bernhard Plattner, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

811-Crypto Regulation in Europe - some key trends and issues / Bert-Jaap Koops, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Session VIII-2: Education and the Net - Cooperative and Distance Learning
Chair: Antoine Barthel, RESTENA, Luxembourg

821-An Interactive Distance Education Service Utilising the World Wide Web - a preliminary study / N. A. Hine, University of Dundee, United Kingdom
822-Cooperative and Contributive Learning - the real choice to push professional education in Networking Information Technologies in Ukraine and CIS / Yuri Demchenko, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine
823-Support, Training and Continued Education for Electronic Journals in Physics Research Networks / Anne Dixon, Institute of Physics Publishing - Bristol, United Kingdom


Session IX-2: On Video Conferencing
Chair: George Howat, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

921-Scaleable Video Transmission for the Internet / Uwe Horn, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
922-Desktop Video: Building Large-Scale Services with Incompatible Products / Christian Bonkowski, GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
923-Recent Activities in the MERCI Conferencing Project / Peter Kirstein, University College London, United Kingdom

Session IX-3: Network Management
Chair: Thomas Walter, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

931-Network Management by Delegation - From Research Prototypes Towards Standards / J. Schonwalder, University of Twente, The Netherlands
932-Management by Delegation in ISDN-based Remote Access Environments / Udo Payer, University of Technology Graz, Austria
933-Java-based Mobile Intelligent Agents as Network Management Solutions / Tianning Zhang, GMD FOKUS, Germany

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