Meeting Information

Identity Management for research and collaboration

The goal of the workshop is to foster the deployment of identity management and collaboration tools within the research community. The organizers of the workshop therefore invite the IT architects of key international research groups (aka VO's), along with leaders in international federation development. The intent is to directly engage both communities into helping the VO's in effectively leveraging the emergent interfederation infrastructure, resulting in more effective research organizations.

The design of the workshop is to provide structured presentations on the infrastructure as well as exemplar deployments within specific VO's, and have extensive open discussion periods for the VO architects to share requirements and use cases, best practices, etc. Parallel sessions including common identity management needs across the collaborations and domain centric collaboration issues will be included.


The workshop aims to cast a wide net among international research groups, with the expectation that large science and engineering collaborations will be the primary participants, but also drawing on social science and humanities international research groups. Campus and NREN IT architects are invited to learn and contribute when these are engaged in support of the identity management needs of the research communities. While most VO's do not have an identity architect per se, the people serving as "identity architects" for key virtual organizations are also very welcome. In addition, we will invite key people from national and international research funding organizations (NSF, Dept of Energy, JISC, WHO, etc) to observe and hopefully shape their future solicitations.


Please note that this event will be organised in conjunction with a REFEDs meeting on September 5. This meeting will also be held in the SURFnet offices. The programme for the refeds meeting will be added soon. Please REGISTER to this meeting separately.. However, if you intend to come to both the REFEDs meeting and the VAMP Workshop, you can use the accommodation booking partner for this as well from the link on the right.