28th TRANSITS I Training Workshop

The 28th TRANSITS I Training Workshop will take place on 13&14 April 2016, at the Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond-aan-Zee, The Netherlands. The workshop is co-organised by the GÉANT Association, and financially supported by ENISA.

Course Summary

The CSIRT training course aims to develop the knowledge and skills that are needed by staff who are members of a Computer Security Incident Response Team, who will join such a team, or who are involved in creating such a team. The course has been developed by members of CSIRTs in Europe, from both the commercial and the academic sector, under the auspices of the GÉANT Association's task force TF-CSIRT.

For a more detailed description of the course, please follow the 'Programme' link on the right.


Trainees are typically experienced system, network or IT managers. (Interested persons from other backgrounds are welcome to contact the organisers to discuss the suitability of the course for them). They are expected to have an awareness of the security issues involved in connecting computers to the Internet. They must be committed to using their skills to improve the security of computers and networks. For the technical side of the course, familiarity with the normal operation of TCP/IP networks, addresses, port numbers and protocols will be assumed.


  • Arrival: 12 April, before 20:00 if possible
  • Course: 09:00 13 April - 22:00 14 April
  • Departure: 15 April

The two-day course is scheduled to run on Wednesday 13th April and Thursday 14th April 2016, but we do ask delegates to try to arrive before 20:00 on Tuesday 12th April so we can introduce each other and welcome you to the course, and you can have a fresh start on day one of the course.

The course will run until late evening on Thursday 14th April, and we therefore expect delegates not to leave the venue until the morning of Friday 15th April.

Three nights accommodation is included in the registration fee to enable this; breakfast is included.

Course fee

The course fee is derived from the costs of running the workshop, and is sponsored by ENISA to further reduce the registration fee as much as possible. No profit is made on the courses. The course tutors donate their time free of charge. A registration page will be opened for successful applicants to enable payment. There is a differential between commercial and non-commercial organisations, as follows:

  • Participants from commercial companies €1100
  • Participants from non-profit organisations €750


The amount of participants has reached the maximum amount.

If you would like to have your name on our waiting list, please read and follow the instructions on the applications page.

What's included in the fee?

For the above registration fee, you will receive the following items:

  • Three nights accommodation (12, 13, 14 April), breakfast included
  • All course materials, USB stick and course folder
  • Lunch, dinner and refreshments on 13-14 April.