TRANSITS Materials Conditions of Use

TRANSITS aims to provide affordable, high-quality training to both new and experienced CSIRT personnel, as well as individuals with a bona-fide interest in establishing a CSIRT. The training course materials have been collaboratively developed by members of TERENA’s task force TF-CSIRT and are frequently updated in order to ensure they remain relevant to existing practices.

These materials may be used, in whole or part, for training courses subject to the conditions outlined below. All materials remain the copyright of TERENA, although individual authors and/or their employers may also hold copyright in certain items.

Requesting permission

Organisations or individuals wishing to use TRANSITS training materials must submit a request to '' that provides the following information:

  • A statement that the proposed training course for which the TRANSITS materials will be used will be non-commercial and that the organisers will abide by these Conditions of Use.
  • The dates and the location of the proposed training course.
  • The names and affiliations of the tutors/presenters of the proposed training course.
  • The expected number of trainees and the type of organisations they are working for.

If TERENA grants permission, it will be on the understanding that the organisers will submit a report on the workshop within three weeks. This should include the dates and location of the workshop, the names and affiliations of the tutors/presenters, and the names and affiliations of the trainees. The report should also include feedback from the presenters and trainees with respect to the training materials.

General Conditions

  1. Training courses using TRANSITS materials must be non-commercial. The income from the event may not be higher than is necessary to recover the direct costs of the organisers and the tutors/presenters of the course.
  2. Tutors/presenters must only use the most recent versions of the TRANSITS materials, and as provided by TERENA in advance of the training course (please contact '' for the latest materials).
  3. TRANSITS materials must be used unaltered and their origin and copyrights fully acknowledged.
  4. TRANSITS materials and associated logos may only be reproduced for use in training courses for which permission has been explicitly granted by TERENA.

Additional Conditions for TRANSITS-I materials

  1. All the tutors/presenters should have attended a previous TRANSITS-I training event, either as a trainer or trainee.
  2. At least one tutor/presenter should be a known TRANSITS-I tutor (please contact '' for more information), and/or have had recent experience of working for a recognised CSIRT for two or more years.

Additional Conditions for TRANSITS-II materials

In general, it is not currently possible to grant permission for use of the TRANSITS II materials outside the TERENA run courses, except in certain circumstances. This is due to ongoing work to create an even better training course, meaning that the TRANSITS II Modules are not yet ready to be released "into the wild".


The use of TRANSITS materials by TERENA National Member Organisations and ENISA is free of charge.

For other organisations, a fee of €600 per training event is payable in advance. These fees are used to fund regular updates to the TRANSITS materials.

All enquiries relating to the use of TRANSITS materials should be directed to ''.

These conditions were last updated on 10 December 2013