TRANSITS provides affordable, high-quality training to both new and experienced Computer Security and Incident Response Team (CSIRT) personnel, as well as individuals with a bona-fide interest in establishing a CSIRT. TERENA runs regular training courses within Europe on a cost recovery basis, with financial support from ENISA. The course materials may also be licensed to those wishing to organise their own TRANSITS training courses.

TRANSITS has directly trained more than 500 individuals in the European region, and many more have benefited from the third-party courses organised elsewhere around the world. A number of participants have gone on to become TRANSITS trainers themselves, passing on their knowledge within their own regions and countries.

There are two types of training course: TRANSITS-I for new recruits, and TRANSITS-II for more experienced personnel.


The TRANSITS-I course is aimed at new or potential CSIRT personnel who wish to gain a good grounding in the main aspects of working in an incident handling and response team. Over the years, operatives have been trained for commercial, governmental, military and national CSIRTs, as well as those in the research and education sector.

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The TRANSITS-II course is aimed at more experienced personnel working for established CSIRTs. It provides an in-depth study of key areas in incident handling and response operations, training in how to improve communications with constituents, along with practical exercises.

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Forthcoming Courses

Forthcoming training workshops organised by TERENA are listed in the sidebar, and more information can be found by following the links.

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Course Materials

The TRANSITS course materials were developed by TERENA in collaboration with members of TF-CSIRT and are regularly updated. They are copyrighted by TERENA on behalf of its community, although individual authors and/or their employers may also hold copyright in certain items.

These materials may be used, in whole or part, for training courses subject to the Conditions of Use. Please contact for more information.


TRANSITS evolved out of a European Commission funded project (IST-2001-39118, 1 July 2002 - 30 September 2005) to promote the establishment of CSIRTs by addressing the shortage of skilled staff. The seven training workshops organised by the project proved so successful that TERENA continued to run them after the project finished in September 2005. These have been run with financial support from ENISA, FIRST and various other organisations, whilst the course material has also been utilised for other workshops all around the world.

As part of a commitment to ongoing improvement, the advanced TRANSITS-II course was introduced in 2010, at which point the original course became known as 'TRANSITS-I'.