PERT Training Workshop


SWITCH Offices, Zurich, Switzerland, 27 - 28 November 2008


This hands-on workshop has been designed to equip NREN staff to establish and operate national and local PERTs (Performance Enhancement and Response Teams) within the proposed federated structure (eduPERT). The course covers the technical aspects of running a PERT and provides technical guidance, tips and information about how to investigate and resolve performance issues. It also covers the various tools, techniques and methodologies that you can employ to investigate issues. Additionally, the course gives an overview of the history of the PERT and explains what steps to take in order to set up an accredited PERT yourself.


By the end of the course, national and campus PERT members are able to:

  • Describe the methodologies used to investigate performance issues.
  • Use a variety of tools to investigate performance issues.

Participants will also be able to describe the federated structure of the PERT and will know how to become accredited.


  • Module 1 - Overview: History and Structure of the PERT
  • Module 2 - Network Performance and User Expectations
  • Module 3 - Bulk Transfers Under TCP
  • Module 4 - Investigative Tools
  • Module 5 - The Methodology of Performance Issue Investigation