I-SHARe Training


This training webinar has been designed to equip you to use I-SHARe to help you plan, provision, set-up, manage and operate end-to-end links. During the course you will learn what I-SHARe is and how it can help you in your work with end-to-end links. The course will feature a combination of slides and live demonstrations by the instructor. You will also have the opportunity to enter real data about your own organisation into the live system.


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand I-SHARe terminology.
  • Use the I-SHARe user interface.
  • Use I-SHARe to help you in the planning and provisioning, operational and decommissioning phases of end-to-end links.
  • Understand I-SHARe's workflow functionality during each phase.
  • Understand the mechanism for user-feedback so that I-SHARe can be adapted to user needs.


A very brief introduction to I-SHARe explaining what the name I-SHARe stands for and what the purpose of the system is.
Understanding the Central Component
You will be walked through I-SHARe's central component. You will be shown data that has already been inserted for two NRENs. In particular, you will be shown the structure of the NRENs' operations teams as displayed in I-SHARe and the data relating to the people in these teams.
Using the Domain User Interface
You will be introduced to the domain User Interface (UI). After a demonstration, you will be asked to enter your NREN's data, including their demarcation points.
Entering end-to-end links
Returning to I-SHARe's central component, the instructor will carry out a demonstration of using I-SHARe during the set up of an end-to-end link. For illustrative purposes, the details of a pre-existing link that spans some or all of the I-SHARe pilot NRENs who are attending the course will be entered into the system.

Target Audience

NREN network engineers who are involved in the planning and provisioning, set-up, managing and operation of multi-domain end-to-end links.

  • Duration: Half a day
  • Format: Adobe Connect webinar


  • Participants must view the online I-SHARe overview before attending the end-user course.
  • Participants must bring their NREN's real data with them to enter during the course. You will be advised by email which data you need to bring with you one week before the training.