Places on the course are extremely limited and registration is on an invite basis. If you are interested in participating or would like to have more information about the training or FaaS in general, please contact Marina Vermezovic.

Important: The registration system is a Federated Service provided by TERENA. If you have any queries about how to log in, please check our FAQ for further details.

In order to enable as broad an uptake as possible to this valuable training opportunity, we will limit the attendance to a maximum of two attendees per organisation. Those attendees should be the individuals who are directly responsible for the hands-on technical implementation of their national federation.

Course Aims

The GÉANT Federation as a Service (FaaS) is a package of hosted services which have a user friendly interface in order to bootstrap the uptake of Federated identity primarily in countries where Identity federations are still in development or pilot or are in stage or early adoption by constituents.

FaaS, currently in pilot in two NRENs, is an easy entry point for NRENs without an Identity federation to from the early beginning use tools for managing their Identity federation which enables them to roll out Identity federation to their constituents in scalable way and according to current best practices.

This face to face course will provide a foundation in the technical and practical aspects of operating a federation, registering Identity and Service Providers, and connecting to interfederation (eduGAIN).


All attendees should:

  • have basic understanding of Identity federation concepts;
  • have started the process of building Identity federation;
  • Preferably have an IdP and SP installed and running at their home institution which they can register to the FaaS during the training. As an alternative, dummy IdP and SP will be provided for this purpose;
  • the attendees will need to have a laptop with wireless networking access, and an internet browser for hands-on and exercises.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training, the attendees will be able to:

  • explain the fundamental processes and technologies involved in operating a federation and interfederating with eduGAIN;
  • explain the federation and interfederation metadata and how they are used to enable trust in Identity federation;
  • implement best current practices for entity categories, attribute release policies and GÉANT code of Conduct in their Identity federation;
  • publish local Identity federation entities into eduGAIN;
  • Use the UI of FaaS Resource Registry as IdP, SP admin as well as Identity federation operator:
    • register Identity and Service providers;
    • enrich IdP and SP data;
    • assign entity categories to IdP and SP;
    • define attribute requirements for SP;
    • publish IdP and SP to the Identity federation;
    • publish IdP and SP to eduGAIN;
    • manage user accounts in the FaaS Resource registry tool;
  • get involved with the appropriate communities in order to get support with their deployments;
  • language localize the tools used in FaaS.


The FaaS Training is supported by GÉANT under the NA1T7 (Training) task of the GN3plus project and provided free of charge to NRENs. GÉANT Project Partners (NRENs) can claim, via standard NREN reclaim procedures, travel and accommodation expenses to attend this training. Claims should be placed against NA1T7(FaaS). Time ('Manpower') to attend the training is covered under your own Activity's budget.