GEANT eduroam admin training


The course is aimed at enabling current eduroam admins situated in various key institutions throughout the European eduroam confederation. The idea is to for them to then go on and train other system administrators and help setup, configure eduroam infrastructures in their own countries, preferably in their local languages. To allow for this scalability and adaptability, a train-the-trainer approach has been chosen.

A first generation of approximately thirty participants will be inducted through a train-the-trainer course. As well as participating in the course, these participants will be provided with the training materials and also with optional soft skills coaching focusing on training delivery. This first generation of participants will each adapt the training materials for local delivery. This will entail two changes:

  1. Customisation of the materials to reflect the technologies in use at particular institutions.
  2. Optionally, translation of the materials into the local language.

The first generation of participants will then return to their countries and each will provide the training to a much larger second generation of participants. The second generation of participants will be made up of potential eduroam institutional administrators.

Learning Objectives of the Train-the-Trainer Course

The following objectives were drafted for the eduroam train-the-trainer course.
By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Describe eduroam services and technology.
  • Implement a Service Provider in accordance with eduroam policy.
  • Deliver eduroam training to other organisations within their country.

The training will also give participants the opportunity to provide feedback about eduroam and the eduroam service.