VC Services information - Spain, RedIRIS

Information about VC resources and services from RedIRIS:

Basic information

  • Type of service
    H.323 (IP)
  • General usage policy
    Free for members of research and high academic community,
    Profit oriented service possible: no
  • GDS connection
    GDS prefix: 0034
  • Multimedia services and experiences
    Language: Spanish
  • Contact points
    Technical responsible person:
    Jose Maria Fontanillo
    Email: jmaria.fontanillo (at)
    Tel: +34 91 212 76 20 / 25 - Ext 4320
    Problem reporting:


  • MCU
    MGC-25 16+ (7 * 768kbps)
  • Gatekeeper
    Cisco MCM
    Dialing plan description:
  • Gateway
    Not Available
  • Clients
    Polycom ViewStation FX, Polycom ViewStation EX, Polycom VSX 7000
  • The backbone network is multicast enabled.

Middleware, network

  • % of customers/users multicast enabled -
    The backbone network is multicast enabled, it's normally used.
  • Quality of Service -
    No quality of Service at the moment. Customers get overprovisioned network access.
  • % of your customers who have the appropriate bandwidth needed for high-quality VC -
    We provice connection for aprox 250 institutions conected many of them thought regional networks all of them have access to high quality videoconference. Only a reduced group of small institutions that connect with old lines don't have access.


  • Services -
    Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)

Future plans

  • Integration of SIP and H.323 protocols
  • Global videoconference room booking system for member institutions
  • Directories / H.350