VC Services information - Portugal, FCCN

Information about VC resources and services from FCCN:

Basic information


  • MCU
    First Visual Comunications - Conference Server (25 * 768kbps)
  • Gatekeeper
    Cisco MCM
  • Gateway
    Not available
  • Clients
    PictureTel 980, Polycom Viestation FX, Aethra Star, Aethra Gold
  • Prefered the hardware based clients to the software based clients
  • Tested - NetMeeting, Mirial

Middleware, network

  • Streaming of videoconferences
    Users can individualy use streaming functionalities of endpoints deployed.
    Central support is not yet available.
  • Recording of videoconferences
    No central support for automatic archiving (planned).
  • % of customers/users multicast enabled
    The backbone network is multicast enabled, rarely used.

Employment and Services

  • Services -
    Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)
    Hardware videoconference station
    Free try-out

Future plans

Most of the have already started:

  • Integration of SIP and H.323 protocols
  • Global videoconference room booking system for member institutions
  • NAT/Firewalls transversal through Proxy
  • Directories / H.350