VC Services information - UNINETT

Information about VC resources and services from UNINETT:

Basic information

  • Type of service
    H.323 (IP)
  • General usage policy
    Free for all.
  • GDS connection
    GDS prefix: 0047
  • Offical site for UNINETT videoconference services
    Languages: Norwegian
  • Contact points
    Technical responsible person:
    Geir Olav Jensen
    Tel: +47 73 55 79 01
    Problem reporting


UNINETT currently provides no MCU or GateWay services. It has in-house 3-4 VC clients/systems, many of UNINETT's customers also have their own VC setups. UNINETT has two GateKeepers connected to the GDS/Videnet.

Middleware, network

UNINETT has a H350 LDAP directory, browsable from the network at
Approx. 98% of UNINETT's customers are multicast enabled.
UNINETT's network has a large over capacity of bandwidth.
About 80% of customers have enough bandweed for high-quality VC.

Employment and Services

Services UNINETT offers:

  • GDS connection via UNINETT's gatekeeper or customers own gatekeeper
  • Special pricing deals with retailers
  • "Group" support agreements with special discounts and help call center (external)
  • the WWW/LDAP H350 Directory at

Employment varies, about 80% is group2group. UNINETT's customers use VC for distance learning and meetings and to facilitate internal ourselves.

Future plans

  • Getting a SIP/H323/H320 gateway running, this is currently active as a SIP/POTS gateway.
  • Getting more of our customers connected to the GDS.