VC Services information - NIIF/HUNGARNET

Information about VC resources and services from NIIF/HUNGARNET:

Basic information

  • Type of service
    H.323 (IP)
    H.320 (ISDN) service not available
  • General usage policy
    Free for people from the academic and higher education community
    Profit oriented service possible: no
    European research project support: possible, based on preliminary negotiations
  • GDS connection
    GDS prefix: 0036
  • Offical site for HUNGARNET videoconference services
    Languages: English, Hungarian
  • Contact points
    Technical responsible person:
    András Kovács
    Tel: +36 1 450 3082
    Problem reporting


  • MCU
    Polycom MGC-100
    Online booking system: available - click here
    MCU test number: 0036100309999 (max. 2Mbps)
    MCU usage statistics: click here
    MCU usage policy
    Restrictions: connecting through GDS based dialing, no restrictions
    Service: H.323 only, SIP under testing
    Max. datarate: 2Mbps
    Codecs: H.261, H.263, H.264
    H.239: available
    Booking system is available for people from the academic and higher education community
  • Gatekeeper
    GNUgk for GDS connectivity, for restricted gatekeeper services and for a freelove zone
    Dialing plan description: click here
    For the documentation and a configuration example on using our freelove gatekeeper click here
  • Gateway
    GDS <-> PSTN gateway service.
    Can be used by dialling a public PSTN number +36 1 450 3099, where an IVR based interface is given in order to initiate GDS calls. Please enter GDS call destination number using keypad of your phone (DTMF codes), press 9 for an english language interface.
    There is also a possibility to call a wide range of PSTN numbers belonging to more than 60 Hungarian higher education and academic insitutions, public libraries and collections from any GDS terminal for free. For a proper list of institutions being a part of NIIF/HUNGARNET's SIP based VoIP network, see: An example test call from a videoconference endpoint to a NIIF/HUNGARNET VoIP institution, e.g. calling University of Debrecen (PSTN phone number: +36 52 512 900):
    1. Please dial 003614503099 GDS number using your videoconference endpoint.
    2. Press 9 for English.
    3. Dial 003652512900 (using DTMF codes).
  • Clients
    Polycom ViaVideo, Polycom Viewstation FX and Polycom VSX7000
    Endpoint test number: 00361001020 (Polycom VSX 7000, max. 2Mbps)
    List of online endpoints at HUNGARNET
    Contact information for endpoints
    Preference for hardware based clients to the software based clients.

Middleware, network

  • Streaming of videoconferences
    1. Central infrastructure deployed in support of streaming of any videoconference calls (MCU based or point-to-point).
    2. All major endpoints are capable of streaming of videoconferences using unicast/multicast transmission (not used).
  • Recording of videoconferences
    Possible, any H.323 audio/videoconference can be archived and retrieved afterwards as HTTP download, streaming or H.323 based playback.
  • Audo only conferences
    Possible, PSTN and VoIP phones can be included. Audio conferences can be archived as well.
  • Directories
    Restricted address book for Polycom devices containing in-country endpoints.
    List of connected institutions and contact persons: click here
  • % of customers/users multicast enabled
    The backbone network is multicast enabled, rarely used.
  • Quality of Service
    Quality of service is implemented at the customer edge, where link utilization is above 50% (usually at institutions connected at 34Mbps or at lower speeds). We do not accept DiffServ colored packets entering to our network, priority is rewritten at the core egde on an ACL basis. GEANT QoS service is not yet used (planned). All the other customers get overprovisioned network access.
  • % of your customers who have the appropriate bandwidth needed for high-quality VC
    We provide Internet connection for more than 700 institutions in Hungary. At least 20% of them are connected through highspeed lines (mainly darkfibre, 155Mbps and 34Mbps), which are suitable for high quality videoconferencing. All of the big universities and research sites are connected through high speed access lines. The other part of the institutions (quite small ones, e.g. small libraries, some seondary schools, etc.) are connected using xDSL or other broadband techniques.

Employment and Services

  • Services
    Gatekeeper, Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), videoconference streaming, archiving and retrieving, GDS<->PSTN gateway, free try-out services.
  • User groups
    Education, project and other internal meetings, international cooperations
  • Employment
    • Do you use point2point, point2group or group2group?
      Both point2point and multipoint videoconferencing sessions are held frequently.
    • Is VC to facilitate events?
      Yes, but rarely.
    • Is VC used for consultation?
    • Is VC used for distance learning?
    • Is VC used to facilitate meetings?
      Yes. This is the main usage of our videoconference service.

Future plans

  • Introduction of SIP into production service
  • ENUM trials