VC Services information - Germany, DFN

Information about VC resources and services from DFNVC:

Basic information

  • Type of service
    H.323 (IP)
    H.320 (ISDN)
  • General usage policy
    Charged service for people in DFN organisations as additional service to the Internet service
    Profit oriented service possible: no
  • GDS connection
    GDS prefix: 0049
  • Offical site for DFN videoconference services
    Languages: German, English
  • Contact points
    Administrative contact:
    Gisela Maiss
    Tel: +49 30 88429947
    Technical contact:
    Juergen Hornung
    Tel: +49 711 63314214
    Problem reporting


  • MCU
    Radvision ViaIP 400 MCU for DFN Videoconferencing service
    Radvision ViaIP 400 MCU for Testing and Public Zone
  • Application Sharing
    Radvision T.120 server
  • Gateway
    Radvision ViaIP GW-P20 for DFN Videoconferencing service
  • Gatekeeper
    GnuGK for GDS and Customer Services
    Radvision ECS for MCU conference hunting

    Additional Informations of our hardware environment can be found on our Web site.

  • Clients
    Polyspan ViaVideo, Viewstation, Viewstation SP
    VCON cruiser, Vigo
    France Telecom eConf
  • A lot of client tests are done by our Competence Centre for Video Conference Services

Middleware, network

  • Directories - Directory for our customers, accessible via Web Interface
    planned: H.350
  • % of customers/users multicast enabled -
    DFN backbone is multicast enabled to approx 100% of our customers.
  • Quality of Service -
    DFN Backbone is overprovisioned so QOS is not a problem, actually we make QOS tests on our customer connections.
  • % of your customers who have the appropriate bandwidth needed for high-quality VC -
    About 80% of our customers have enough bandwidth for high-quality VC

Employment and Services

  • Services -
    MultiPoint Control Unit (MCU), H320/H323 Gateway
  • User groups -
    Project Meetings, Education, Students
  • Employment
    • Do you use point2point, point2group or group2group?
      All of above are used frequently.
    • Is VC to facilitate events?
      Yes. We do several times a year workshops that are presented also via video conference.
    • Is VC used for consultation?
    • Is VC used for distance learning?
      Yes. We have several student groups that use their DSL connections for voice and application sharing conferences.
    • Is VC used to facilitate meetings?
      Yes. We have several user groups who arrange their meetings at regular intervals via video conference.

Future plans

  • Recording and streaming of sessions
  • H.350 enabled directory
  • SIP integration
  • ENUM integration