VC Services information - Cyprus, the University of Cyprus and CYNET

Information about VC resources and services from the University of Cyprus:

Basic information

  • Type of service
    H.323 (IP), H.320 (ISDN)
  • General usage policy
    Services available free for the university community and other colleges which are connected on CYNET
  • GDS connection
    GDS prefix: 00357
  • Official site for videoconference services:
    Language: English
  • Contact points
    Nicos Ioannou
    Multimedia Services and Video Conferencing
    GDS and phone number: 0035722892094


  • MCU
    Cisco IP/VC 3510 MCU with Gatekeeper
  • Gateway
    Cisco IP/VC 3520 Gateway with Gatekeeper
  • Clients
    Polycom ViaVideo, Vcon Escort, Tandberg 1000, Tandberg 2500, Netmeeting, VRVS, MBone tools