15th TF-Storage Meeting

The TERENA task force on storage (TF-Storage) coordinates the development of open and inter-operable data storage and management infrastructures and services among national research and education networks and academic and research institutions.

The TF-Storage meeting will be held on 22 September, 2014, on the day before the 28th NORDUnet Conference in Uppsala, Sweden. Take a look at the TF-Storage DRAFT agenda. The NORDUnet Conference website is available here.

Registration for the TERENA TF-Storage meeting is combined with the NORDUnet Conference registartion. If you are only attending TF-Storage, that is open and free of charge, choose Side Meetings & BoF's.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to include the Promo Code "sidemeeting" to get the free of charge registration to TF-Storage.

REGISTER to both TF-Storage and NORDUnet Conference


Sal II (Hall II)
Uppsala University
751 05 Uppsala

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Remote participation

Video Conferencing will be available (TBC).