This activity finished on Mar 31, 2016.
As a consequence, these pages are no longer actively maintained.

The TF-Storage home is moving to the G√ČANT Wiki.

A Task Force is established under the auspices of the TERENA Technical Programme to provide a forum for exchanging and promoting ideas, experience and knowledge, as well as fostering collaborations among National Research and Education Networks and academic and research institutions on the topic of:
a) data storage technologies, platforms and architectures including: datacentre storage and distributed storage, storage clusters, grid and cloud storage, object storage and peer-to-peer storage;
b) storage service and resource delivery models: SAN/NAS/DAS, storage virtualization, private, public and community/hybrid storage clouds;
c) data management technologies, approaches and solutions
(e.g., HSM, ILM, iRODS, dCache, OpenStack Swift, Ceph, etc.);
d) data exchange, sharing and synchronization applications and services (e.g., FileSender, ownCloud, PowerFolder, etc.).

Secretarial support for this task force is provided by TERENA with funding from the GN3 project.

TF-Storage continues the discussion on opportunities and areas for collaboration on data storage services which began with two meetings back in 2007, with the first two-year mandate between 2008-2010, the second two-year mandate between 2010-2012, and the third mandate between 2012-2014.

Task Force Spin-off

FileSender project website

TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive pilot website

ownCloud Argeement
OpenCloudMesh initiative
Mailing list for deployers

Task Force Co-Chairs: Maciej Brzezniak, PSNC and Peter Stefan, NIIF
Task Force Secretary: Peter Szegedi, TERENA

Running period: April 2014 - March 2016

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