TF-NOC Survey Results

TF-NOC initiated an online survey to collect information about the software tools that NOCs use to operate networks and services. NOC tools and their functions (such as monitoring, problem solving, performance, change management, ticketing, reporting and communication) were primarily investigated in the survey. Open text boxes were used to collect practical experiences, assessments and recommendations for each tool. Taxonomy questions were only included where they were relevant from the NOC tool assessment point of view. It was recommended that the survey be filled out by an experienced NOC engineer with an overview of the whole NOC operations. The survey was made available from 11 July 2011 to 12 October 2011. Out of 89 responses collected from 4 continents, 43 were reliable and detailed enough to be analysed in this document. We maintain the anonymity of the survey participants.

The survey contained 54 questions divided into the following 7 thematic groups:
1. Basic information (3)
2. NOC taxonomy (6)
3. Network and services (6)
4. NOC tools (29)
5. Communication and front end (6)
6. Collaboration and best practices (3)
7. Closing (1)

The detailed results of the NOC tools group are also available in a so-called NOC Tool Matrix attached to this document.

The Survey Results (PDF) and the raw Survey Data (XLSX) can also be downloaded.