TF-NOC past meetings

TF-NOC Preparation meeting
May 3, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark
Meeting minutes

1st TF-NOC kick-off meeting
September 2-3, 2010, Barcelona, Spain
Meeting minutes

TF-NOC / TF-MSP meeting on dark fibre issues
November 9-10, 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Meeting notes

2nd TF-NOC meeting
February 15-16, 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Meeting minutes
AV recordings I
AV recordings II

TF-NOC discussion at TNC2011
May 15, 2011, Prague, Czech Republic
Meeting minutes

3rd TF-NOC meeting
June 28-29, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland
Meeting minutes
AV recordings

4th TF-NOC meeting & Open-source NOC Tool Workshop
October 11-12, 2011, Brussels, Belgium
Meeting minutes

5th TF-NOC meeting
February 15-16, 2012, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Meeting minutes

6th TF-NOC meeting and tool hands-on
June 5-6, 2012, Dublin, Ireland
Meeting minutes

7th TF-NOC meeting
December 12-13, 2012, Poznan, Poland
Meeting minutes

8th TF-NOC meeting
May 27-28, 2013, Athens, Greece
Meeting minutes

9th TF-NOC meeting & 2nd Network Architects Workshop
November 14-15, 2013, Prague, Czech Republic
Meeting minutes

10th TF-NOC meeting
March 20-21, 2014, Cambridge, UK
Meeting minutes

11th TF-NOC meeting
October 21-22, 2014, Madrid, Spain
Meeting minutes

12th TF-NOC meeting
April 8-9, 2015, Stuttgart, Germany
Meeting minutes