This activity finished on Apr 30, 2015.
As a consequence, these pages are no longer actively maintained.

TF-NOC re-chartered into SIG-NOC. Please, visit the SIG-NOC pages on the G√ČANT Wiki.

Today's NOC (Network Operation Centre) functions are essential, costly, and critical in respect of NRENs' main business, as well as of regional, metropolitan and campus network providers and infrastructure development projects. However, there is extreme diversity in terms of NOC organisation, structure, and roles across various domains. It is also hard to find information about common practices related to day-to-day NOC operations. This has created a situation where NOCs usually cope with similar issues, but in very different ways (i.e., various tools, procedures, workflows, etc.).

The Task Force on Network Operation Centres (TF-NOC) brings together NOC managers, engineers, developers, operators, controllers and project managers interested in NOC functions in order to share experiences and knowledge as well as to investigate the possibility of creating best common practices.

Secretarial support for this task force is provided by TERENA with funding from the GN3 project.

The mandate of the Task Force TF-NOC, established under the auspices of the TERENA Technical Programme, officially terminated in August 2013. The work item leaders, acting as co-chairs in the absence of the former chair, Stefan Listrom (NORDUnet), proposed to re-charter the Task Force for a fixed interim period (18 months) with a light-weight Terms of Reference as a transition towards future Special Interest Groups made available by the TERENA Technical Programme.

Restructuring the Task Force
The new structure has been approved. The main changes are as follows:

  • Abolishing the requirement of work items, deliverables and timescales
  • Introducing the Steering Committee with shared responsibility for the task force activities
  • Introducing periodical reporting and assessment of the task force activities and overall progress
  • Introducing specialised TERENA support tailored to the actual needs of the task force requested by the Steering Committee

The main topics covered by the TF-NOC would include, but would not be limited to:

  • To facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration for leading staff members of Network Operation Centres (NOCs) as well as network engineers involved in the integration and optimization of NOC tools and processes in order to foster the development and improvement of NOCs, primarily within the research and education community.
  • To explore and get an understanding of the taxonomy of Network Operation Centres, collecting information on how NOCs do things and then discuss how to enhance them and document this for future reference.
  • To offer a forum for exchanging and promoting ideas, experience and knowledge on NOC tools, functions, workflows, procedures and best practices, making communication easier.
  • To facilitate the inter-NOC discussions in case of multi-domain services.
  • To liaise with other communities such as GN3plus-APM, GN3plus-JRA1/2, and
  • To foster face-to-face and online meetings, providing a breeding ground to discuss, elaborate and disseminate early thoughts, brought in by members of the research and education community that can evolve into projects or services.

The Task Force is led by the Steering Committee:

  • Maria Isabel Gandia (CSUC)
  • Pieter Hanssens (Belnet)
  • Jonny Lundin (NORDUnet)
  • Brian Nisbet (HEAnet)

Task Force Secretary is Peter Szegedi (TERENA).

Running period: September 2013 - April 2015

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