TF-MSP Workshop on NREN AUPs & CPs 11th & 12th January 2016


During the September 2015 meeting of TF-MSP the topic of NREN AUPs & CP were explored. Some are long and detailed, some short. Some are highly restrictive and some are more open as to what can be done.

There is growing demand by users that they can access commercial cloud services in an efficient & cost effective manner from their campus and workspace connected to R&E networks. Additionally it is clear from the way in which EC programmes are moving that their is a need to connect SMEs to R&E networks, so they can undertake collaborative research and use the facilities of e-Infrastructures

The objective of this open workshop is to facilitate discussion between decision-makers, policy-makers and technicians to ensure that R&E networks can provide the level of services required.

Participation by video link will be available.

Please email ideas for specific topics, contributions and offers of presentations to the: TF-MSP Secretary


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Minutes from the meeting can be found here


List of Participants.


Contact John Dyer Secretary of TF-MSP for more information.

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