TF-MSP Meeting 7/8 February 2012

Time and Place

Hosted by FUNET/CSC
Life Science Center
Keilaranta, 14

Time: 09:00 Tuesday 7 February 2012
until 13:00 Wednesday 8 February 2012

List of Registered Participants

Participating by Video Conference

An HD MCU services will be provided through NORDUNET. Please indicate if you intend to join by VC when you register online. VC joining instructions will be circulated to those wishing to join by VC before the meeting.

Meeting Themes and Agenda

This meeting of TF-MSP will focus one half day on each of the following topics:

Logistic Information

How to find the CSC Office which is located in Keilaniemi, 10 km west of the Helsinki City Center.

Ground Transportation

It is best to take a taxi from the airport to CSC. This will cost about 45 euro and take around 30 minutes

If you have more time (or limited budget), you can also try the airport buses (every 20 min, costs 6,20 eur). The bus will take you to the Helsinki city center (the blue circle on that pdf-map). From there you need to walk 400m to the west to reach the Kamppi Bus Station (green “Kamppi” triangle on the map) inside the Kamppi Shopping Mall. The buses 102, 102T and 103 will take you to Espoo near CSC-building in about 20 minutes. The correct exit stop for you to get of the buss is called “Miestenmetsä” and it is situated just in front of CSC-building. The whole journey should take you 1 - 1½ hours plus possible extra time for getting lost.


Both are decent hotels with basic stuff, nothing too fancy/expensive.

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