EQUAL WORKSHOP: Wednesday 09 December 2009


Following ideas discussed in TF-MSP meetings over the past 12 months, it was agreed to consult with the TERENA community to see if there was sufficient interest in arranging a one day workshop on the topic of Improving the Quality of Email Services. Staff of many NRENs have expressed an interest in such a workshop.

The workshop included presentations on community members approaches for spam reduction, technologies and practices and concluded with a discussion on the way forward.

Workshop Report

Notes of the workshop prepared by John DYER. These notes contain a list of actions that might be undertaken by a TERENA ad-hoc group working on the topic of Improving the Quality of E-mail Services.

These include:

  • Continued exchange of information between NRENs
  • Considering a community-wide whitelist / blacklist exchange or system
  • Establishing and recommending: Common Policies; Standards and Best Practice
  • Possible joint-NREN procurement of commercial offerings
  • Exploring what can be done in respect of the proliferation of private information online
  • Seeking community membership of MAAWG
  • Maintaining the EQUAL email distribution list and hosting online material about the activity either on the TERENA website or the secure wiki hosted by TERENA

Workshop Agenda

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