Related activity in Europe

At European level it is important mentioning the GÉANT2 project and in particular the work carried out by the Joint Research Activity 5 "Roaming and Authorisation" (JRA5), which aims to build an European Roaming Infrastructure as well as an Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure.
TF Mobility is working in close cooperation with JRA5.

Other related activities in Europe carried out at NRENs level are:

  • Some work about Virtual Presence is being carried out by SURFnet, Telematics Institute, Cisco and the University of Ulm (Germany):
  • SURFnet WLAN page
  • SWITCH Mobile page. SWITCH has deployed a roaming system across Switzerland for mobile users. Currently, a total of nine universities are participating
  • Wirlab, a Finnish networking research lab (both academic and commercial partners), has introduced a WLAN roaming concept. They are planning to set up a testbed connecting a couple of campus WLANs. More information are available here

And Worldwide