25th TF-Mobility and Network Middleware Meeting
9 November 2011 - Bologna, Italy

The 25th TF-MNM (Mobility and Network Middleware) meeting was held on Wednesday, 9 November, 2011 in Room 213 at the CNR – Research Area of Bologna, Via Gobetti, 101, Bologna, in conjunction with GARR Conference 2011.

The participants' list is available on line.

Draft minutes of the meeting

Agenda & Presentations

Wednesday 9th November

  1. Opening and welcome
  2. Approval of minutes and Status of actions
  3. Progress on work items (Part I)
    3.1  Location awareness - Mark O’Leary, JANET(UK)
    3.2  Future DNS - Roland van Rijswijk, SURFnet
    3.3  Scalable 2-factor AuthN - Joost van Dijk, SURFnet
    3.4  Integration of network middleware with identity federations - Leif Johansson, SUNET
    3.5  Enabling Ubiquitous Mobility- Paul Dekkers, SURFnet
     - Mobile Network Operator integration in Ireland - Mike Norris, HEAnet
     - Test environment for super-fast mobile Internet - Frans Panken, SURFnet
     - NREN mobile strategy - John Dyer, TERENA (representing TF-MSP)
    3.6  Support for eduroam world-wide- Miroslav Milinović, Srce
     - TCS for eduroam/RADSEC - Milan Sova, CESNET
    3.7  Metering and monitoring - Miroslav Milinović, Srce
  4. National & Community Updates
    Country reports will be based on attendees represented.
    Reports can be delivered by proxy if sent to Brook Schofield prior to the meeting.
  5. Lunch
  6. Date of future meetings
      -   February/March
      -   TNC2012 - including the "Best of TF-MNM" session proposal
      -   June/July
      -   September/October
  7. Mobility & Network Middleware Activities
     - eduroam CAT for improve support services - Stefan Winter, RESTENA
     - Widening participation of eduroam - Mark O'Leary, JANET(UK) (Stefan Winter's Slides Mail Discussion)
     - Sign up to the Delegate eduroam Authentication System - Hideaki Goto (Tohoku University, Japan)
  8. Progress on work items (Part II)
    8.1  Standardisation process - Stefan Winter, RESTENA
    8.2  Support for the development of the next generation eduroam - Stefan Winter, RESTENA
     - Edudbg: web access for RADIUS proxy logs - Gunnar Boe (UNINETT)
    8.3  Liaison with GN3 & other initiatives - Licia Florio, TERENA
    8.4  New mobile technologies - Klaas Wierenga, Cisco Systems
    8.5  Sensor and mesh networking - Kurt Bauman, SWITCH
  9. Any other business


The meeting ran from 9:00 'til 17:30 with tea/coffee breaks at 11:00 and 15:30 and a lunch at approximately 13:00 to 14:00.

A meeting of TF-EMC2 (European Middleware Co-ordination and Collaboration) was held prior to TF-MNM.