24th TF-Mobility and Network Middleware Meeting
30 June 2011, Online

The 24th TF-MNM (Mobility and Network Middleware) meeting was held on Thursday, 30 June 2011.

The participants' list is available on line.

Minutes of the meeting

Agenda & Presentations

  1. Opening & Welcome
  2. Approval of minutes and Status of actions
  3. Progress on work items (Part I)
    3.1   Standardisation process - Stefan Winter, RESTENA
    3.2   Support for the development of the next generation eduroam - Stefan Winter, RESTENA
    3.3   Metering and monitoring - Stefan Winter, RESTENA
    3.4   Support for eduroam world-wide - Klaas Wierenga, Cisco
    3.5   Future DNS - Klaas Wierenga, Cisco
    3.6   Enabling Ubiquitous Mobility - Klaas Wierenga, Cisco
    3.7   Scalable 2-factor AuthN - Klaas Wierenga, Cisco
    3.8   Location awareness - Mark O’Leary, JANET(UK)
    3.9   Integration of network middleware with identity federations - Josh Howlett, Janet(UK)
  4. Mobility & Network Middleware Activities
    Topics/Presentations for this section should be sent to the TF-Mobility Secretary, Brook Schofield or raised on the mailing list prior to the meeting.

  5. National & Community Updates
    Country reports will be based on attendees represented.
    Reports can be delivered by proxy if sent to Brook Schofield prior to the meeting.
  6. Date of future meetings
      -   November
      -   February/March
      -   TNC2011
      -   June/July
  7. Any other business

A meeting of TF-EMC2 (European Middleware Co-ordination and Collaboration) was held prior to TF-MNM.