18th TF-Mobility Meeting
2 December 2008, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Approved Minutes

The minutes of the meeting are now available.


The list of attendees is available on-line.


Start time: 09:30 - End time: 17:00

  • 1. Opening and welcome - Klaas Wierenga (Cisco Systems) (15m)
  • 2. New Terms of Reference for TF-Mobility - Work items presentation and work planning (45 m)
    2.1 Standardisation process -Leif Johansson (Stockholm University) and Klaas Wierenga (Cisco Systems)
    2.2 Support for the development of the next generation eduroam - Stefan Winter (RESTENA)
    2.3 Location awareness - Mark O’Leary (JANET (UK))
    2.4 DNSsec - Milan Sova (CESNET)
    2.5 Integration with other operators - Stefan Winter (RESTENA)
    2.6 Metering and monitoring - Miroslav Milinovi? (Srce)
    2.7 Sensor and mesh networking - Kurt Bauman (SWITCH)
    2.8 Cooperation with other initiatives - Klaas Wierenga
    2.9 New mobile technologies - Klaas Wierenga
  • 3. SIP and AAI integration - Davor Jovanovic (SRCE) (30m)

11.00 - 11.30 Coffee break

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch

15:30 - 15.45 Coffee break

  • 9. National updates

17:00 End of Meeting


The meeting took place in SURFnet Offices, located in Utrecht in the central station shopping mall.
For more information on how to get to SURFnet, please refer to the information available on SURFnet website .

Utrecht can be reached from Schiphol airport by train (approximately 30 minutes). Trains leave every 30 minutes from Schiphol. For more information on the trains please consult the Dutch railway system website.