TF-MOBILITY 2003 - 2004

Deliverables and other documents

The original Terms of Reference of TF-Mobility were approved by the TERENA Technical Committee in December 2002. The task force started under this mandate in January 2003 for an initial one and half year time. During this time eleven deliverables have been produced, as showed by the table below.



Deliverable B: "Creation of glossary of terms for: mobility/roaming/authentication and authorisation technologies"
Deliverable C: "Requirements definitions for inter-NREN roaming"
Deliverable D: "Inventory of 802.1X-based solutions for inter-NRENs roaming"
Deliverable E: "Inventory of VPN-based Solutions for Inter-NREN Roaming"
Deliverable F: "Inventory of web-based solution for inter-NREN roaming"
Deliverable G: "Preliminary selection for inter-NREN roaming"
Deliverable H: "Testbed and reference design for inter-NREN roaming"
Deliverable I: "TF-Mobility roaming policy document"
Deliverable J: "Product-testing Matrix (WLAN devices)"
Other sources of wireless information: A rich source of information about products testing can be found at:
More wireless information on a variety of topics can be found at:
Janet Wireless area
Final Report: A Technical Report to summarise the results of the group.

F.A.Q. area

Have a look at the Q&A document. The document, based on email and discussions, aims at providing tips and specific knowledge for people dealing with WLAN.