802.1X Workshop

30-31 March 2004,
TERENA Offices

SURFnet in collaboration with TERENA organised two one-day workshops about theory, set-up and use of 802.1X technology.
SURFnet has gained experience in setting up national and European infrastructure for network access based on the 802.1X standard as well as practical knowledge of the implementation of this standard in local networks.
The workshop, funded by the Freeband project, was open for European NRENs, SURFnet and Freeband community.

The programme, which was the same on both days, provided an unique opportunity to learn what 802.1x is, where and how it can be used and how it can be implemented to secure the access to your network.

The workshop was very interactive with ample space for questions and practical work.

A report of the workshop is available here.

Programme and Presentations

The programme is appended below.
The morning section of programme was dedicated to the theory, whilst the afternoon section was dedicated to practical work aimed at learning to set up 802.1X based access.

Start Time: 10:00 - End Time: 17:00

The theoretical part of the workshop on the second day was covered by a live video stream. This material is now available in the video archive: