LDAP Services Deployment

5th TF-LSD meeting
Agenda and presentations

Tulip Inn Tropen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12 March 2002, from 10.00-17.00

1. Opening, introduction and agenda bashing (PG)

2. Minutes of Last Meeting (YD/PG)

3. Status report on actions from last meeting (PG/YD)

4. TF-LSD deliverables

4.1. Deliverable B. Investigation of the various directory indexing implementations based on the Common Indexing Protocol (CIP) and  their interoperability (PG)
4.2. Deliverable C: Draft of the Privacy document (PG)
4.3. Deliverable D. Definition of a European wide White Pages service  based on one or more CIP implementations (HB)
5. DANTE NameFlow Update (KC)

6. Round of NREN news update (All)

7. TF-LSD liaison: Update on recent development in IETF, GGF, Internet2 MACE, OpenLDAP, etc.

8. Directory related issues in PKI development (DC)
8.1. Update on pilot project "Adding Certificate Retrieval to OpenLDAP" (DC)
9. Status of new Pilot Project proposals approved by TTC: Definition of a European Education Person (DEEP) and LDAP Schema Registry (PG)

10. AOB, Date of next meetings and Close

MG - Michael Gettes
KK - Ken Klingenstein
DC - David Chadwick
EV - Egon Verharen
KC - Konstantin Chuguev, DANTE
PG - Peter Gietz, DFN / DAASI International
DL - Diego Lopez, Red IRIS
YD - Yuri Demchenko, TERENA

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